Welcome to St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Youth Faith Formation!

Our FF program is truly comprehensive, providing classes for first grade through students’ senior year of high school. All our catechists are volunteers and have successful completed background checks and Virtus Safe Environment certification through the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Additional catechetical training is available through the Archdiocese of Atlanta Catechist Certification Program.

The Catholic Church tells us that the parents are always the primary educators of their children (CCC 2223), so we see our role as an auxiliary one. We are here to help parents, not to replace them, and we strongly encourage parent involvement in our program, which will only flourish by the good will of our volunteers. Parents can’t be bystanders in the faith formation of their children. An active faith-life at home as you build the Domestic Church is critically important to your child’s faith foundation. Your faith witness through family activity and prayer is an integral part of building a life of faith. There is no better place for children and adults to meet Christ than within the loving arms of the people with whom they live.

Here at St Francis, we are called to help our children grow in their Catholic Faith through classroom instruction and by living the Gospel message in our daily lives. This call to Discipleship is a call we are excited to share with our entire parish family!

As Catechists, we are called to be Christ for others and to see Christ in others. Through prayer, study, and faithful adherence to the teachings handed down to us through the Catholic Church, we hope to develop in children and adults a desire to know, to love, and to serve God. Through that knowledge, love, and service, we hope to help each other follow Jesus here on earth so that we may join Him in Heaven for all eternity.

To learn more about our youth FF opportunities, contact Nakole Preister, Faith Formation Administrative Assistant: npreister@stfac.org

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Guardian Angels
Our Guardian Angels Program welcomes children with special needs, along with their parents, to grow in deeper love and faith for Christ. This catechesis program welcomes children of every ability ages 6 and older to grow in fellowship and catechesis. Read more

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