Typically we celebrate this rite of passage here at St Francis in the second grade. For a Catholic family, First Holy Communion is a wonderful moment in their lives. We love the Lord, and we would not dream of being out of Communion with Him or with his Church. This is, thus, an essential rite of passage for any Catholic.

Preparing for First Penance and First Holy Communion is a two-year process, beginning in first grade and continues through classes in second grade. Part of First Communion preparation is learning about the Mass and working toward a deeper understanding of the Miracle that takes place at every Mass when bread and wine become our Lord’s Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. Attending Mass every Sunday or Saturday Vigil is a requirement as well as attending required classes.

Please be mindful that families must register for faith formation classes as well as sacramental preparation in order to prepare to receive this sacrament. For more information about preparing for First Holy Communion or to register for class, please contact Nakole Preister at npreister@stfac.org

The family’s at-home preparation is also essential to the preparation process as this great mystery of the Eucharist and its importance (indeed the most important thing) in our Catholic life is frequently discussed. When we are in Communion with the Lord, then we are on the way to holiness, and that ultimate Communion with Christ in eternity.