Weekend Schedule
Saturday Vigil Mass in English: 5:00pm
Mass in Spanish:7:00pm
Sunday Mass in English: 8:00am
Mass in English:10:00am
Mass in Spanish:12:00pm

3:30 - 4:30pm

Weekly Schedule
Daily MassMon-Fri: 8:30am
1st Saturday of the month: 8:30 am
Holy Day & Vigil8:30am; 7pm
Unless otherwise stated on our calendar
3:30 - 4:30pm
Mass Captains
Each Mass is organized by one or more Mass Captains. The captains recruit, train and schedule their Readers, Servers, Usher/Greeters and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. If you would like to serve in one of these ministries speak to the Mass Captains at the Mass you usually attend.
5:00pm Jean and Mike Annis
Email Me
8:00am Carley Ferguson
Email Me

10:00am Ron and Lisa Mazur
Email Me
12:00pm Elia Pina
Email Me
Kenyan Mass-3rd Sunday of every month
Mr. Sam Njoroge 770-966-8411
Ms. Kezia Mwangi 404-421-5750


Liturgy Committee
Sr. Dian Hall, our Director of Parish Life, coordinates the Liturgy Committee which is charged with “training the trainers” The Liturgy Committee gathers the Mass Captains and Music Ministers to plan for the large themes of the Liturgical Cycle and events that touch on the whole parish such as Penance Services.Contact Sr. Dian Hall
770-382-4549 Ext. 20
Email Me
"How can they believe if they have not heard?" St. Paul says in Romans 10:14. Since the beginning, we have gathered to hear the word of God, and since the beginning there have also been individuals who have been entrusted with the task of reading the word. Those who proclaim God’s word in the liturgy are known as Lectors. The Lector, at his or her best, makes the word of God come alive so we can hear it and our faith will be formed by it. When you answer the call to become a lector, one enters into a deeper relationship with God as he is revealed in sacred scripture.
If this is your gift to share, please speak with your Mass Captain. Please visit the Worship tab for names and contact information of our Mass Captains. Mr. Miles Tanner also offers a more detailed orientation to this gracious ministry and you can contact him at 810-394-0787 or via e-mail: Email Me
The role of an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is divided between those who bring our Lord to those who are home-bound or in the hospital and those who serve at our weekday, weekend or other Masses. Some of our Extraordinary Ministers do both.
If you are interested in this ministry, please speak with your Mass Captain. Please visit the Worship tab for names and contact information of our Mass Captains. If you are also interested in bringing our Lord to those who are ill or home bound, please speak with Betty Hamilton at 770-974-6975 to discuss this beautiful ministry.
An Altar Server is a lay assistant to a member of the clergy during Mass. Serving the Altar is a beautiful ministry that adds dignity and grace to the liturgy and allows the priest to be more attentive to preaching and prayer. We have children, young adults, couples, families, retirees, widows and widowers who serve and all do it beautifully. We would love for you to join this beautiful ministry.
All our Liturgical Ministries begin with the Mass Captains. If you would like to serve the Altar and we especially encourage adults, please contact the Mass Captain of the Mass you attend.
This may be one of the least recognized yet most appreciated ministries in any community. You need no special training, no big organization or schedule. These are the saints of God who put the kneelers up, pick up the discarded bulletins and other things that get left behind as Mass ends. You will have stars in your heavenly crown and the unending gratitude of the pastor if this is your gift and you exercise it.
If you wish to become a part of this wonderful ministry, please contact Rodolfo Peña at 770-382-4549 ex 12 or Email Me
The loss of a loved one is difficult. The bereavement committee hopes to make things easier by doing these things: Contact the family to see what their needs might be. (First and foremost we offer a caring heart and a listening ear) We can help with planning the funeral and interment, with music and the liturgical ministers, and refreshment.
If you would like to be part of this ministry please contact front office.
If you would like to participate, contact the music ministry of the Mass you attend.
5:00pm, 8:00am, and 10:00am Robert Oliver
Prayers for Vocations - EnglishPrayers for Vocations - Spanish
The Vatican Archdiocese of Atlanta Office of Divine Worship


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