Liturgical Ministtries

'United in our Catholic Faith, we strive to love and serve God as Jesus did.'


St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church encourages everyone to become more engaged in the liturgy through one of our many Liturgical Ministries.  More information and contact can be found on each page.



Ministry Sign Ups

In an effort to pre-schedule all Liturgical minisitries for weekend Masses we have created this sign up.  We hope to create a more organized and functional way to manage those that want to volunteer their time to a Liturgical ministry, while also giving all involved a chance to do so. 

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Liturgical Training Schedule:

  • Oct 9th, Saturday, 11:30 am, Sanctuary - EMHC Make Up Session (English)
  • Oct 12th, Tuesday, 7:00 pm, Sanctuary – Lector’s Training (Spanish)
  • Nov 6th, Saturday, 7:00 pm, Sanctuary – Homebound Ministry Workshop (Spanish)


Liturgy Meeting, Monday, Oct 25, 7pm