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Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

 Mark 10:9


The Sacrament of Marriage is a covenant, which is more than a contract. Covenant always expresses a relationship between persons. The marriage covenant refers to the relationship between the husband and wife, a permanent union of persons capable of knowing and loving each other and God. The celebration of marriage is also a liturgical act, appropriately held in a public liturgy at church. 


Please contact the front office a minimal of 6 months prior to your deisred date - You must confirm your date!

A Wedding date should not be set until after consulting with Father or Deacon

Contact our parish in order to begin the preparation process. 

The priest or deacon will discuss the documents necessary for the wedding (wedding license, baptismal certificates, affidavits, etc.). He will make the reservation of the desired dates and times on the parish calendar. He will also discuss how to fulfill the spiritual marriage preparation requirements (pre-Cana instruction).

Catholics ordinarily celebrate their wedding in the parish of which the bride or groom is a member. 


This ministry offers to assist the bride and groom and their wedding party on the evening of their rehearsal and on the day of their wedding. The ministry members work to ensure that the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage is memorable, wonderful, and as stress-free as possible for the happy couple, their wedding party, and their family and friends.


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Together For Life - Celebrating and Living the Sacrament of Matrimony

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