ersville GA, 30120

Safety Procedures

St Francis of Assisi is committed to being a Welcoming and Safe Parish for all of our parishioners and visitors.

  1. In compliance with our Archdiocesan Safe Environment protocols, all adults( defined as over the age of 18), serving in a ministerial role must take a VIRTUS class and have a background check every 5 years.  For more information you may visit: Safe Environment - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta
  2. We ask that an adult family member accompany their children needing to use the restroom.  We do not want unattended children walking about our parish property. Help us protect our precious little ones.
  3. In regards to the current COVID situation the following procedures have been established based on Archdiocesan guidelines, which can be found at: Current guidelines for parishes regarding Covid-19 - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta


In Summary,


  • We also strongly recommend receiving in the hand,
  • For the safety and well-being of all our parishioners, we remind everyone that receiving Holy Communion in your hand is the accepted, ordinary method of reception. Unless an individual has a physical condition that does not allow for their reception via the hand, we will not be distributing Holy Communion ‘on the tongue’.

     Please let the mass captain know prior to the beginning of mass if you require an accommodation.

     Thank you for your love, your continued understanding and cooperation.

  • We also respectfully request that you maintain social distancing, practice safe hygiene and be kind to one another while on our parish property. We should resolve to love one another as Christ loves us.